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The Hoffman Funeral Home, being family owned and operated, prides itself on offering dignified and affordable services.  We are here to meet the individual needs and desires of each and every family.  A complete selection of merchandise is available for you at the funeral home. Listed below are some of the services that are available.

Traditional Funeral Service

The above would consist of visitation hours, for family and friends to be done at the funeral home or church.  This visitation time can be done with either a closed or opened casket.  During the visitation you may choose to memorialize your loved one in a meaningful and personal way.  Some families may choose to display picture boards, framed photos, or show a DVD, others may choose to express words of remembrances.  Depending on a family's religious beliefs, a funeral service may be done, followed by burial or cremation.

Graveside Service

This is a service held at the grave with either a casket or urn present.

Cremation Services

These services are arranged by the funeral home.  They can include different choices, such as to have or not have a viewing, memorial gathering or tribute to your loved one.  Cremated remains may be either kept at home, buried, placed in a niche or scattered. Full size urns, keepsake urns and jewelry are available to house the cremains. Urn selections are available at the funeral home.

Memorial Service

This service may be at the place of your choice.  Either our funeral home, church, or your home.  It is a service designed to meet each family’s specific needs.  The urn may or may not be present. Depending upon your religious affiliation you may choose to have a service. You would also have the option of having photos and memorabilia present to pay tribute to your loved one.

All of the above funeral services provide family and friends with the opportunity to gather and respectfully honor the memory of their loved one.

Veterans Services

With proper documentation of a deceased veteran, the funeral home will assist you with applying for one or more of the following services provided  by the Veterans Administration.

  • United States flag to either drape the casket or to be folded and displayed.
  • Military Honors consisting of folding the flag and playing of “Taps” at the committal service.
  • Submitting a application for a free government marker to be placed on the deceased’s grave.

If preferred we can make arrangements for free burial space at the Brigadier General
William C. Doyle Veterans Memorial Cemetery, located in Wrightstown, NJ.  They
will provide burial space for the veteran, spouse and one dependent.  Please keep in
mind that the cemetery has the right to determine when the burial will take place.


Some people choose to leave their families prepared for their death by making prearrangements--a detailed explanation of your desires and wishes concerning your funeral.

At the time of pre-arrangements you may make as many or as few decisions as you are comfortable with. You may choose to just give some biographical information about yourself that we would need for newspaper notices or legal paperwork. On the other hand you may choose to make decisions about some of the following: type of service, music, selection of merchandise, cemetery, etc. 

Know that the option to pre-pay your funeral is also available.  The funds are placed in a interest bearing trust in the funeral recipient's name. Click here to learn more about the NJ Prepaid Funeral Trust Fund.

For any further information regarding pre-arrangements please feel free to contact the Funeral home.  We will do our best to answer your questions and put your mind at ease.

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